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of cultural self-confidence

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construction industry is experiencing a cultural crisis. Value judgments imbalance, loss of cultural self-confidence, cross-cultural aphasia, anomie planning and decision-making system, jointly led to the chaos of u  nike air max hyperposite shoesrban architecture."The urgent need for a return to the cultural renaissance of human feelings." King of the book proposal, in building pan-Western culture and the homogenization of coerced before, soberly remain independent and self-esteem building culture, architecture and cultural show in China to promote cultural sequence the unique charm and heavy heritage. Meanwhile, the "science is the greatest benefits planning, planning mistakes is the biggest waste, planning toss is the biggest taboo" and change the irrational construction, should reverse the irrational from planning, design start. Architectural planning and design, and to focus on the continuation context of the city. March 4 in the afternoon, in the waves of applause, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping into the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, Taiwan League, the TSU members Lianzutaolun venue to visit members and listen to comments and suggestions. Politburo Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee Chairman Yu participated in the visit and

discussed.Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, Taiwan League, the TSU are long-term commitment to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the meeting, the members' speeches invariably focus theme of cross-strait relations. Xi listen carefully, for the record from time to time, and cordial exchange with members.Feng Gong Standing Committee at the meeting called for construction of Taiwanese culture industrial belt. He said, "sing a Hokkien song in overseas tours, local Chinese to a round of applause, if again a high A drama fragment, late night viewers have to ask you can not!"Feng Gong's speech had also attracted interest for many years i nike zoom hyperrev shoesn Fujian Xi Jinping, "often refers to the so-called Taiwanese Hokkien." Xi said, from this perspective, "the same source text, blood blind," Taiwanese culture as a cross-strait cultural exchanges The important part is much to do.ACTUATORS committee recommendation is to accelerate the construction of Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone, located in Fujian Province in China Pingtan is the nearest place away from the island. In recent years, KMT Central Committee in advancing the Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone has done a lot of work, as the Kuomintang Revolutionary Party members ACTUATORS said, looking forward to the central authorities Pingtan more preferential policies, making it the "common home of both sides.""When I went to work in Fujian Pingtan most times." Xi Jinping

recalled with great interest Pingtan beautiful scenery, he said, is now opening up greater Pingtan is the "right direction."At the meeting, many members have referred to contacts between 2014 highs, we feel on the "cross-strait family" is more profound. But members also believe that the growing complexity of the current situation on the island, it should be with greater determination and more tangible initiatives to further promote exchanges and cooperation. Ji Bin members felt that the two sides should deepen interaction of young people, in particular, to make good use of micro-channel, microblogging and other new media to build a common cross-strait youth cybers  nike lebron soldier 8 cheappace. Margaret Lee Jun committee also called for strengthening the deep exchanges with Taiwan youth to enhance their sense of national identity. She said that for many young people think of the island to the mainland business, the Government departments should create conditions in the policy environment, financial support and so on."To promote the 'strait, a pro' philosophy deeply Taiwanese people." "To the Taiwan compatriots in the mainland business, education, work to provide more convenience." "In the overall context of promoting the rule of law, improving the Taiwan-related proposal laws and regulations, according to norms of relations and

features of our political

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om stock-based steering adjustment, make excellent incremental depth adjustment, economic development power is gradually to innovation from the traditional point of growth, restructuring, upgrading and other new growth point.In the economy into "quality and efficiency" new normal, while the new features of our political ecology and more prominent. The party's 18 years, with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to Party building, clean government and style of the building, to comprehensively strengthen t nike zoom kd iv shoeshe Party's leadership and strictly administer the party, keep the pressure up corruption, the introduction of a central "Eight provides that "opposition" four winds "and the" three strict three real "and style requirements, political clear, honest government, honest and a good cadre of political ecology is gradually taking shape.Under the new normal, China's financial sector to actively take to deepen financial reform, chemical financial risks, the real economy, such as a number of measures to maintain stable operation. Currently, the size of the assets of banking institutions steadily, the foreign currency assets of more than 170 trillion yuan total, the overall liquidity ample ability to resist risks, credit risk assets overall quality control, the ability to serve the real economy continued to improve, the "three rural "Small and micro-livelihood projects and other key areas of financial services continue to be strengthened.As a state-owned financial enterprises in recent years, China Huarong seriously study and understand the important speech Xi Jinping,

general secretary of the series, thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee, the CBRC in the new requirements under the new economic normal, serious judged, a clear understanding of, and actively adapt, positive response. Overall, the company's restructuring and development need to actively adapt to the new normal in nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 sale ten aspects: First, to adapt to the "two heavier responsibility," the new normal, and implement Clean and Honest Party committees and discipline inspection commission the main responsibility for oversight responsibilities "Two responsibility" . The second is to adapt "style building from the real" new normal, continue to expand the company to consolidate the party's mass line educational practice results. The third is to adapt to "the new corporate governance," the new normal, according to "place the party committee, specification of shareholders, board of health, responsible business layer, effective supervisory board", "five one" corporate governance requirements, control of listed companies standards to improve corporate governance system, improve corporate governance capacity. Fourth adaptation "from the steady pace of development," the new normal, while maintaining stability, to maintain a reasonable growth rate. Fifth, adaptation "to mention quality control risk from fast"

legitimate" and "innovation is not illegal, the business is not illegal, behavior is not discipline." Fourth, the "team to perform." Firmly establish the "human resources are the primary resources" philosophy, "to officers who have the opportunity, to those who have the stage Director, Officer who will have a seat, do nothing, who have commended", adhere to the cause of keeping with sentiments, the appropriate treatment to people, to create a "utilized, can make the best use, the exhaustion of its energy, to display their abilities" good atmosphere, to create an ideological unity, targeted, pragmatic, and firmly implemented, pragmatic "to officers, to officers, stewards, do nothing, nothing happens," the high quality innovation team, the company "strong primary industry, bigger profits, do ring brand" provides an important human security and intelligence support.In 2014 the Central Economic Work Conference, the general secretary Xi Jinping to find a new impetus to better use "Math" four algorithms, face new normal, China Huarong painstakinnike lunar hyperdunk 2014 onlineg excavation development of new power, focus on doing the "China Huarong plus Less multiplication and division. " Addition, is at the same time increase the acquisition of financial bonds, non-payment of debt, in a positive response to the state "along the way, the

strategic transformation.

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new normal, enhance the company to accelerate the development of quality, prevention and control of operational risks. Sixth adaptation "financing issuers leniency," the new normal, speed up domestic and foreign issuers, the introduction of long-term capital to achieve corporate liabilities diversified socialization. Seven is the adaptation "international business from far" new normal, and actively expand international business, speed of international strategic transformation. Eight is to adapt the "internal management favorably," the new normal, improve the internal contrnike lebron 11 onlineol system, strict internal management, so that "the system, people, processes steward." Nine is the adaptation "Against the provisions tight" new normal, implement the central eight regulations to strengthen "strictly administering" "enterprises according to law" and so on. Ten is the adaptation "strict team building," the new normal, according to "politically strong, professional, real style, excellent performance, good reputation," the high standards and strict requirements, to create a "to officers, to officers, stewards, do nothing, nothing happens, "the cadre staff.China Huarong is one of China's four financial asset management companies, set up by the State Council in 1999, following a disposal policy counterparts in non-performing

assets stripped Commercial Bank of China. After 2005, the company completed a comprehensive 680 billion yuan asset disposal tasks, the successful completion of "Support ICBC restructuring and listing of state-owned enterprise reform and turnaround services, mitigate systemic financial risks," the three historic mission. In 2006, China Huarong open preliminary exploration commercial transformation. Since 2009, China Huarong innovation lead, adhere to "listen to the party, go with the government, according to the rules of the market" business philosophy, in accordance with the "five three-step" development strategy of innovation and transformation, to promote the company by a depletion of resources, policy of non-performing assets disposal agency operating difficulties, completely transformed into a substantial profit doubled in recent years, increasing the value of state-owned assets continue to large financial holding group, and the successful completion of the joint-stock reform and the introduction of strategic   nike lebron 10 cheap investors, out of a road with Chinese characteristics Huarong The asset management company's market transformation development. By the end of 2014, the total size of over 600 billion yuan, China Huarong Asset, net assets of more than 80 billion yuan, greatly increasing the value of state-owned assets, to maintain market position in the domestic one of the largest asset management companies. Since the company set up in the main headquarters for

the country's 31 branches and Huarong Xiangjiang Bank, Huarong securities, Huarong International Trust, Huarong Financial Leasing, Huarong futures, Hua cozy German assets, equity funds Huarong Yufu Huarong Asset Huitong, Huarong home, Huarong Zhiyuan investment, Huarong (Hong Kong) International, Huarong former sea wealth management, Huarong western development and investment companies, investment companies Huarong Chak 14 holding subsidiaries wings The "Two Wings" strategic framework to become able to provide financing to businesses, governments, customers, marketsProduction management, banking, securities, trust, leasing, funds, futures, investment, home ownership, such as an integrated package of financial services, business can play "combined" the state-owned financial holding group, has become China 's largest asset, the largest profit, shareholders reward the best, most complete financial license, the highest degree of market, one of the most innovative, most full development potential "of financial asset management companies. At present, China Huarong IPO work is started, and "market-oriented, divnike kobe 8 onlineersified, integrated,
"requirements, the implementation of" pre-loan investigation, when the loan review, inspection, "" Richard III "after the loan system to ensure that the front of the background science" three separate "strict scrutiny" character, product, collateral, "" Three Grades ", so "procedural compliance, reasonable price, the transaction is

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